Ankit Shukla was born in India, but he moved with his parents to Sparks, NV when he was only a year old. His parents were hardworking immigrants who wanted a better life their two sons, and they succeeded. Ankit attended Sparks High School and then received his Bachelors' Degree in nursing from the University of Nevada, Reno.

After college, Ankit left Nevada to explore other areas of the country, working as a nurse. He started travel nursing in 2010, which he still does to this day, having lived in eight different states. He has lived life, learned from life and has had several careers and businesses. Ankit is currently pursuing careers in motivational speaking, writing and life coaching. Ankit has always had a desire to help others and assist them in solving their problems. Ankit uses the same characteristics in the motivational/self-help world that he has as a nurse: care, compassion, empathy, patience and the desire to improve someone's day. The best part of working with someone is knowing that they are in a better place after working with you then they were prior. 

Ankit's work can be found in his multiple written works, which include: blogging, article writing and his book. You may find helpful articles that Ankit has written on, under the name Ankit S. Ankit Published his first book in 2013, titled: Don't Live the Good Life; Live the Better Life. In his book, he discusses the premise of the Better Life, in which we can always improve our lives no matter what our situation is, good or bad. In 2016, Ankit Received the distinction of Best-Selling Author for his work in the Brian Tracy book, "Beat The Curve". Ankit Loves to discuss his work, so please don't hesitate to ask him about it.

To contact Ankit Shukla for speaking engagement or general questions and inquiries, use the contact form on the home page of this website. Ankit has spoken at multiple venues, from: Graduations, speaking competitions, Colleges, Civic clubs, and business forums.

"Please contact me. I would love to hear from you!" -Ankit Shukla